Class Fee                              

  • $60 for 4 week session
  • $75 for 5 week session
  • $10 Canine Good Citizen Test Fee


Payment Policy

  • You will need to pay in advance to secure a place for yourself as places are limited to four students.
  • Make your check payable to DGDTC.


Refund Policy

  • Cancellation between two weeks and your scheduled class date will receive a full refund if your place in the class can be filled with another applicant.
  • Prorated refunds after the start of class will be considered if the instructor determines that your dog is not ready for a classroom training environment.
  • There is no refund if a dog is excused from class due to aggression.


Vaccination Policy

  • DGDTC requires that all dogs enrolled in a class be up to date for Rabies vaccinations.
  • Puppy Kindergarten class requires that a minimum of 1 distemper (DHPP) vaccine and 1 bordetella vaccine have been given at least 7 days before the class start date.
  • All vaccinations must be current from start of class session until end of class session.


Classroom Policy

  • Classes meet 50 minutes per week for 4 weeks.
  • Dates listed on the schedule are start dates. You will meet on the same day and time each week.
  • Unsafe or harsh handling of dogs is not permitted and may result in expulsion from class.
  • Dogs exhibiting aggressive or disruptive behavior such as barking, lunging, staring down or otherwise intimidating other dogs will not be permitted in class. If your dog is not ready for a group class, we reserve the right to dismiss the dog from class. Refunds may be available in this case.
  • Arrive on time for your class and wait outside the building until called in for your class.
  • Dogs must be on leash and supervised by the owner at all times.
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and disposing of it in the designated waste receptacle.
  • An adult must accompany all minors.